Bank Holiday Fuckday

It’s been an age since I posted on this account but I woke up today feeling awful and needed to get it out.

I feel like I’m always burdening my friends with this sort of thing and that it’s always about the same few issues. I don’t want to bother them with it anymore.

I had the cruelest fucking dream because everything was perfect and then I woke up and it was snatched away.

Even as the dream was happening I could scarcely believe how perfect everything was. It was like my mind was playing out before me. Duh.

David Aaames day.

When I first moved in on my own I thought it was offer me a whole new kind of freedom but i frequently find myself fighting against feelings of loneliness.

Every one I know has their own lives and their own issues to work through and i don’t want my neediness to interfere with their lives.

I think I’m just tired of longing for things that I’ll never have and I know that I am so so so nearly over all that. I sometimes have the odd slip but for the most part I think of all that stuff less and less.

I still worry that I’ll forever compare whatever happens next to what went before and it won’t be able to compete. Suppose I have to let that go.

I’m just having a very dark day where I feel very lonely, very sad and in desperate need of something that I can’t quite place.

Maybe I’ll be back again after another age has passed. 

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The Drop of Ink // DAY STORIES

When I was 17 I was best friends with Cris. As often happens when you’re growing up, we eventually fell out in a really big way and didn’t talk for seven years. 

Seven years later Cris got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to get together. We met up, did some apologising and then found that we still got on really well.

He’d always wanted to be an artist and I had always wanted to be a filmmaker so we were pleased to find that both of us were on our way to realising those dreams.

This is a film about supporting your friends and burying hatchets. 

Me, innit.

Me, innit.

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Goodness is only some kind of reflection upon evil. That’s all it is.

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Writing for a living…

Writing for a living can be a thoroughly unrewarding endeavour. You spend your early life longing for days spent constructing cities of prose from the raw materials in your mind but when it comes to it you’re left slapping up some flat-pack bullshit.

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next time you’re washing your hands next to somebody cup your hands under the tap until the water overflows then look at them dramatically and say ‘this water is getting out of hand’ it’s a guaranteed way to make friends i have never tried it but it is guaranteed

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Angry as fuck

I know it’s juvenile and stupid but if I don’t vent somewhere how angry I am right now I’m going to explode. I fucking hate her. I fucking hate him. And I’m a fucking idiot. 

Fuck you

Fuck you and your fucking happiness. I hope he’s a cunt.

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I’ve just finished my script.



I could not be happier. Finishing things has long been a problem of mine so I’ve gained a great deal of confidence from finally finishing something that I’ve been thinking about for so long. I’m incredibly excited about what this means - with the finished script in my hands there’s now something to build a film around. Watch out world - I’m going to make a mess.

EDIT: I actually just cried a little. So very happy to have finished it. This is a big deal for me.

Well it is snowing… My album. Free on bandcamp. Really cheerful stuff.

Well it is snowing… My album. Free on bandcamp. Really cheerful stuff.



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